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How To Check Telenor Number? 5 Simple and Easy Ways

Have you ever been is an awkward situation when you own a phone number and that too is hanging in your hand, but you don’t remember your own number? If Yes, then this post is absolutely for you.

So, you must be searching for methods to know ‘How to Check Telenor Number’. This post has all the methods through which you can check your Telenor number.

There are multiple options which you can use to check your Telenor Number

Let’s enlist All the Possible Ways Through Which You can find “How to Check Telenor Number”

  1. By Calling 7421
  2. By Checking via a Telenor App
  3. By Visiting their concerned Customer Care Center in your city
  4. By Dialing a USSD Code
  5. By sending SMS to 7421

So, let’s explore all the available options one by one:

1: By Calling 7421

Before going to the steps of How to Check Telenor Number by the method “Calling 7421”, we will first talk about the condition for checking a Telenor number.

  • To use this service, you must be a Telenor user, means that the number from which you are making the call should be a Telenor number.

So, now let’s talk about the steps:

Step 1: In this method, you will first have to open your phone’s Dial pad and dial 7421.

Step 2: Then after calling on the given number, the call will automatically disconnect after a short time

Step 3: Then after a while, you will receive a message which will contain your Telenor number.

Note: There are no charges for this call, this is a toll free from Telenor

If you don’t get into this option, then don’t worry there are more options too through which you can easily check your Telenor number.

2: By Checking via a Telenor Application

If you have an Internet connection then you can easily check your Telenor number via My Telenor App.

  • Before checking your number on the App, you must register yourself by filling the requirements you are asked for in order to benefit from the Telenor App.

Now, let’s jump to the steps:

Step 1: Go to your Smartphone’s Applications store, if you have an Android Smartphone then Open the Play store and if you have an iPhone then Open the App store.

Step 2: Now search for My Telenor App.

Step 3: After finding the app, now install the app.

Step 4: After getting the app installed, open the app and click on the start option, after a while, the app will find your Telenor number.

3: By a Telenor USSD Code

Telenor has provided multiple options through which a user can check their Telenor number. some are very easily accessible and some are very difficult. But this method is considered to be the easiest one among all the other, because it doesn’t include any physical hurdle like interacting with the Customer Services Representative and provide all the necessary personal information, or the one in which you message on their provided number and then wait for the message to receive and that also have charges.

Before coming to the steps, let’s have a look at the conditions:

  • To use this option, you must have a Telenor SIM card in your phone, and the USSD code must be dialed from a Telenor number.

Note: This may have Standard Charges, and before using this option, you must have some balance in your account. If your account have insufficient balance, it will not work

Now let’s discuss the steps:

Step 1: First open phone’s dial pad and Dial the USSD Code *444# to check your balance. If you have sufficient balance in your account then proceed to the next step

Step 2: Now again open the dial pad and then dial the USSD code *8888#.

Step 3: After waiting for a while, you will see a popup message which shows your number.

Precautions to prevent any inconvenience in the method “Checking Telenor number by a USSD Code”

  1. Do not turn off your mobile phone in between the process
  2. Do not take out your Telenor Sim Card from your mobile phone
  3. Your mobile phone must not have signal loss between the process

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4: By Visiting Telenor’s Concerned Customer Care Center in your city

This method includes physical interaction with the Customer Services Representative.

Before going to the Customer Services Center, keep in mind that they have some conditions that must be met when checking for the number, and that are:

  • You must have your National Identity card (CNIC). and if you don’t have that with you at the time, then you might be asked for your CNIC number and some other personal information also.

Now coming to the steps:

Step 1: Open Google maps in your phone and look for the Nearest Customer Services Center and if you don’t wanna use this option then you can ask some locals about any nearest Customer Care Center.

Step 2: After locating it, visit there before their closing hours.

Step 3: Ask the Customer Services Represent

Step 4: After getting the app installed, open the app and click on the start option, after a while, the app will find your Telenor number.

5: By Sending SMS to 7421

If you are tired of repeating the steps in checking Telenor number, then this option is absolutely for you, because it includes an SMS which will always stay in your mobile phone unless you delete it or you completely restore your phone.

There too might be some conditions in this method, let’s enlist:

  • The SMS must be sent from the same number which you want to check.
  • There must be sufficient balance before checking the your number.

Now let’s talk about the steps:

Step 1: Search for messaging app in your mobile phone and open it.

Step 2: Open new conversation with the number 7421.

Step 3: Leave he conversation area blank.

Step 4: Send the blank message to the number 7421 and wait.

After some wait, you will receive a message which will contain your Telenor number. If the message doesn’t automatically store to your messaging app, then you should copy the message and send it to yourself to store it for future use.


Telenor, One of the most reputable companies in Pakistan has been here for more than one and a half decades, earning a lot of trust. Telenor has made many of its services easily accessible, and one of them is the service of checking Telenor number. A user can check their Telenor number through multiple methods, and it all depends on the user’s preference. They can choose the option of Checking a Telenor number by calling 7421, or they may opt to check the Telenor number by sending an SMS to the provided number. Or he user may just choose the simplest way of checking a Telenor number by simply dialing a USSD Code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Simplest way to check Telenor number?

If you are a Telenor user, the simplest way to check a Telenor number is by dialing the USSD Code “*8888#”.

What are the charges for checking Telenor number?

The charges may vary depending on the method you use. The charges might be zero when using the option of calling “7421”.

How many times i can check Telenor number?

There are limitations on checking a Telenor number. They are specified in the company’s Terms and Conditions.

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