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Meta Smart Glasses: A Next Generation of Stories

In 2021, Meta and Ray-Ban teamed up to create their very first smart glasses, which they named “Stories.” It was an exciting idea, but unfortunately, these glasses didn’t become as popular as Meta had hoped. According to a recent report, they sold only about one-third of their initial goal in the first seven months. What’s even more disappointing is that nearly 90% of the people who bought them eventually stopped using them.

However, Meta and Ray-Ban haven’t given up. They’ve come back with a new and improved version of smart glasses, now called “Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses.” These are a significant upgrade from the first generation and bring some cool features that you won’t find in other smart glasses.

One standout feature of these glasses is their ability to livestream videos directly to Instagram and Facebook. This is a big deal because it’s something innovative in the world of smart glasses.

To make this happen, these glasses are equipped with a special 12MP camera capable of recording high-quality videos for up to a minute. There’s also a small white light on the outside of the glasses that signals when you’re recording.

With 32GB of storage, you can store plenty of photos and short videos on these glasses. Sharing your content with other apps is a breeze using the Meta View app.

The sound quality on these glasses has seen a significant improvement. The speakers are now 50% louder than their predecessors, delivering impressive sound with deep bass. Plus, there’s a feature that keeps the sound contained within the glasses, ensuring that people around you won’t hear what you’re listening to.

However, there’s a limitation – you can’t connect these glasses to your AirPods or other wireless Bluetooth earphones. You’ll have to use the built-in speakers for listening to music and taking calls.

The exciting part is that you have more than 150 design options to choose from. You can select the frame color, style, and even the type of lenses you prefer. They even offer transparent frames, giving you a peek at the technology inside.

In summary, these new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are quite impressive, with some fantastic features. Who knows, perhaps see-through tech, like what Nothing is doing with their devices, might become a trend in the near future.

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