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Students of LUMS Questioned Prime Minister Kakar for Being 50 Mins late

In a recent viral video circulating on social media, a student expressed deep disappointment over the Pakistani Prime Minister’s delayed arrival by a staggering 50 minutes. This delay raised concerns not only about punctuality but also about the values associated with knowledge and time.

The student’s straightforward comments hinted at a belief that the Prime Minister might not prioritize these fundamental values. However, the Prime Minister gave a justification that shed light on the complexities involved in running a country.

In response to the student’s concerns, the Prime Minister acknowledged the disappointment and clarified the reason for the delay. He explained that the delay was due to a crucial cabinet meeting, stressing the importance of such gatherings in making decisions that benefit both students and the nation. This response underscores a commitment to effective governance, even if it means occasionally being behind schedule.

The Prime Minister also addressed the issue of illegal immigrants. He assured the public that the government’s policies applied to all undocumented and illegal foreigners, not just one specific group. He emphasized the dignified treatment of repatriated women and children and reassured those with valid documents and visas that they would not face restrictions. This approach highlights the values of justice and obedience to the law.

When it comes to elections, the Prime Minister clarified the caretaker government’s role in supporting the Election Commission of Pakistan. He emphasized their commitment to ensuring a smooth electoral process and upholding their constitutional duty. This commitment underscores a dedication to democracy and ensuring that elections are conducted fairly and transparently.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister stressed the significance of democracy in Pakistan. He highlighted the need to adhere to well-defined principles and to encourage constructive conversations. He expressed concern about the growing hate and abuse on social media platforms. This emphasis on civil and constructive discussions is vital for the growth and stability of democracy.

Lastly, the Prime Minister addressed recent incidents in Pakistan. He emphasized the importance of legal consequences and the role of the parliament in making laws and acts. He also recognized the ongoing transformation in the world due to the era of Artificial Intelligence, showing an awareness of the changing technological landscape and the need to adapt to these advancements.

In summary, the conversation between the student and the Prime Minister offers a valuable glimpse into Pakistan’s ongoing journey toward a stronger democracy and the hurdles it faces. It underscores a commitment to democratic values, efficient governance, and the well-being of the nation. This incident also reminds us of the importance of openness and responsibility in government and the significance of constructive dialogue in today’s social media-driven world. As Pakistan continues on its democratic path, it’s a work in progress, with the hope of a brighter future guided by values, fairness, and the ability to adapt to technological changes.

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