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Top 10 Best Urdu Novels to Must Read Once in Your Life

Let’s Talk About the Top 10 Best Urdu Novels That Are All-Time Favorites!

Urdu novels hold a special place in the hearts of many in Pakistan. Some of the country’s most renowned writers have crafted timeless literary gems within this captivating genre.

Engaging with these novels is not just a pastime; it’s a gateway to knowledge and a profound understanding of the human experience. The finest Urdu novels have the power to immerse you completely in their narratives.

In the midst of our daily routines, reading provides an enchanting escape. It’s a chance to break away from the monotony of everyday life and embark on exciting journeys through the pages of a book. So, without further ado, here’s a curated list of the top 10 best Urdu novels for you to delve into.

1: “Aag Ka Dariya” by Quratul-Ain Hyder

Among the list of Top 10 best Urdu novels, Aag ka Darya is a captivating historical novel written by the talented Quratul-Ain Hyder. The novel provides some great background information on how the Indian subcontinent eventually divided into two separate nations.

This literary masterpiece, originally published in 1959, is often hailed as one of the most renowned and best Urdu novels originating from the Indian Subcontinent. In 1998, it was thoughtfully translated into English under the title “River Of Fire.”

Aag ka Darya proudly stands as a monumental work in Urdu literature. It takes readers on a sweeping journey spanning more than two thousand years of the Indian subcontinent’s rich history. Through its pages, it paints an epic canvas depicting the region’s cultural, political, and social evolution in vivid detail.

2: “Aangan” by Khadija Mastoor

Aangan is considered as a literary masterpiece by the talented Khadija Mastoor.

Khadija Mastoor has written many best Urdu novels. This captivating historical fiction novel is among the Top 10 best Urdu novels, which paints a vivid picture of the complex social, political, and economic challenges that unfurled during the partition of India and Pakistan. It got published in 1962 and even received the prestigious Adamjee Literary Award in the same year.

At its heart, “Aangan” weaves a tale around the lives of Chammi, Alia, and Jamil, who come from an affluent family. What sets this narrative apart is its exquisite portrayal of the central role women play in nurturing a household.

The story showcases how the ever-shifting political landscape of the country directly impacts the fate of their family. With the passing of their father, the family is forced to part with their ancestral mansion, marking beginning of their downward spiral. It’s a story that’s both thought-provoking and deeply immersive.

3: “Humsafar” by Farhat Ishtiaq

In the list of Top 10 best Urdu Novels, ‘Hamsafar‘, Farhat Ishtiaq‘s beloved Novel, is a shining star in the realm of Pakistani Urdu literature. It’s not only a literary gem but has also been brought to life in a popular drama adaptation that shares the same title.

The story, at its core, delves into the profound impact of selfishness, ego, and misunderstandings on relationships and families.

The tale revolves around three central characters: Khird, Asher, and Harem, with Khird taking center stage. She’s the only child, raised by her mother after the tragic loss of her father. The plot takes an emotional turn as Khird receives the heart-wrenching news of her mother’s late-stage cancer diagnosis.

Within the pages of this novel, you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of twists and turns, including Khird’s marriage to Asher, her uncle’s son. Their journey together is filled with challenges and hardships, yet they face them with remarkable patience and enduring strength.  It’s a story that tugs at the heartstrings and leaves a lasting impact.

It is no doubt one the best Urdu novels that must have a read once in your life.

4: “Jannat k Pattay” by Nimra Ahmed

Jannat k Pattay is undoubtedly the young and beloved Urdu novelist Nimra Ahmed‘s finest work. This novel weaves together elements of romance, emotions, suspense, and mystery into a captivating narrative.

At its heart, it revolves around the lives of Haya, a beautiful young woman, and Jahan Sikander.

However, the true essence of the story lies in Haya’s spiritual awakening. This modern and vibrant girl from a progressive family undergoes a transformation, choosing to embrace the hijab, which leads to significant criticism from her own kin. Through her journey, she uncovers harsh realities about certain individuals and societal norms.

From start to finish, Jannat k Pattay is a rollercoaster of emotions. What sets this mysterious novel among the best Urdu Novels is the profound spiritual awakening that underlies it, a characteristic often found in Nimra Ahmed’s novels.

5: “Khuda Ki Basti” by Shoukat Siddiqui

Khuda Ki Basti is a timeless Urdu novel that holds a cherished spot in the world of Urdu literature and also one of the best Urdu novels, often regarded as one of the most influential works. Shoukat Siddiqui, the author, weaves a compelling social narrative that takes us into the entangled lives of a troubled family. Through their story, the novel casts a powerful and sometimes bitter light on the state of Pakistani society in the post-independence era.

This literary gem also made its mark on television, being adapted into a television series by Pakistan Television (PTV) during its early days. Furthermore, it has found a global audience, with translations available in 11 major languages, including English, under the title “Khuda Ki Basti”.

In essence, “Khuda Ki Basti” stands out as an impactful Urdu novel for its unapologetic portrayal of the harsh realities that plagued post-independence Pakistani society. Shoukat Siddiqui fearlessly exposes deeply rooted issues such as class disparities, disenfranchisement, and inequality.

Despite the bleak picture painted by these societal failures, Siddiqui beautifully captures the resilience of human bonds, notably through the enduring friendships formed during the characters ‘teenage years’. It’s a story that offers both a critical examination of society and a testament to the strength of human connections.

6: “La-Hasil” by Umera Ahmed

La Hasil is no doubt among the best Urdu novels in Pakistan.

The story moves around a girl who faces many hardships in life while growing up. And the hardships leads her to become a call girl. However, her pure heart still didn’t accept it.

The novel tells the harsh realities of the societies and the Life. Explains how the never ending desires cannot be fulfilled and will lead you to a disaster.

7: “Peer-e-Kamil” by Umera Ahmed

Peer-e-Kamil is a well-known novel written by the accomplished Pakistani author Umera Ahmed. It made its first appearance in the Women’s Digest and quickly gained a devoted following among young Urdu readers when it was published in 2004.

The heart of the story revolves around two main characters, Imama Hashmi and Salaar Sikandar. It explores the challenges posed by a deviant group within society that questions the finality of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Umera Ahmed skillfully crafts the narrative by sharing the poignant journey of these two troubled souls. Salaar, a brilliant individual with a high IQ, grapples with profound existential questions, while Imama Hashmi stands in stark contrast to him, particularly in matters of spiritual awakening.

Destiny intervenes, leading to Salaar falling in love with Imama Hashmi, forever altering the trajectory of their lives. It’s a tale of love, complexities, and spiritual awakening that captivates the reader’s heart.

8: “Raja Gidh” by Bano Qudsia

In the list of Top 10 Best Urdu Novels, Raja Gidh is a renowned novel written by the famous author Bano Qudsia, and it made its literary debut in 1981.

This novel not only marked a significant milestone in Bano Qudsia’s career but also earned her widespread recognition and praise within the literary community. It’s often celebrated as one of the most widely read and esteemed Urdu novels, offering a deep exploration of societal divisions.

The title “Raja Gidh” is intriguing in itself. It cleverly combines ‘Gidh’, which means vulture in Urdu, with ‘Raja’, which translates to king in Hindi. This fusion of words hints at the novel’s underlying theme, drawing a parallel between the scavenging behavior of vultures and the power dynamics that shape society.

In the narrative of Raja Gidh, readers are taken on a profound exploration of the complexities of human nature. It delves into the struggle between what is deemed ‘halal’ (permissible) and ‘haraam’ (forbidden) in terms of consumption and societal norms. In this context, ‘halal’ symbolizes life, while ‘haraam’ signifies death.

The novel invites readers on a reflective journey, leading us away from our personal desires and towards a path of service where clarity is scarce, and water is simply water, while drowning becomes destiny.

The vulture, with its unrelenting hunger, serves as a metaphor for the insatiable human appetite, always in search of satisfaction, sometimes even at the cost of others.

Raja Gidh among the best Urdu novels, is a literary masterpiece that offers readers a thought-provoking exploration of human nature and society’s intricate dynamics.

9: “Udaas Naslain” by Abdullah Hussain

A magnificent work of fiction, “Udaas Naslain” novel, amongst the top 10 best Urdu novels, delves deeply into the complex circumstances behind the Partition of India. It is Abdullah Hussain‘s creation, and what distinguishes it is its distinctive methodology. It explores the complexities of human life and the human psyche rather than depending on sentimentality.

The narrative is divided into three distinct sections, each of which focuses on a crucial time in history. It starts out with the time of British colonial authority, progresses through the Indian Independence struggle, and then explores the difficult period leading up to the partition of India.

The lives of numerous Muslim families, notably Roshan Agha, Niaz Baig, and Ayaz Baig, are at the center of the story. The Niaz and Ayaz Baig families reside in Roshanpur, whereas Roshan Agha’s family has a major political influence.

When the First World War begins, Niaz Baig’s son Naeem enlists in the military and begins a transforming adventure.

Upon his return, the injustices experienced by Roshanpur profoundly influence him, inspiring him to enter politics.

Essentially, Udaas Naslain is considered to be one of the best Urdu Novels, presents a fascinating and distinctive fictional viewpoint on the subcontinent’s war for independence and the ensuing split. The investigation of the human condition during these crucial junctures in history is stimulating.

10: “Parinday” by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Parinday, amongst the top 10 best Urdu novels, is undoubtedly one of Mustansar Hussain Tarar Sahib’s finest novels, offering an engaging narrative steeped in social, romantic, and moral themes, all within the rich fabric of the Urdu language.

This novel masterfully weaves together a story that not only delves into the complexities of society but also serves as a vehicle for moral reflection and reform. ‘Parinday’ holds a special place among Mustansar Hussain Tarar’s works, being widely acclaimed for its ability to evoke the beauty of Urdu literature. It’s a title cherished by many, and its enduring appeal lies in its ability to capture the essence of Urdu writing in all its splendor.


In the enchanting world of Urdu literature, these top 10 best Urdu novels stand as timeless classics that have touched the hearts and minds of readers for generations. They offer a gateway to the diverse tapestry of human experiences, from the intricacies of love and spirituality to the societal challenges that have shaped the subcontinent’s history. As we delve into the pages of these literary masterpieces, we embark on journeys that challenge our perspectives, stir our emotions, and illuminate the profound depths of the human condition. These novels are not just stories; they are windows to a world that enriches our understanding of life itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the significance of Urdu novels in Pakistan?

Urdu novels are integral to Pakistan’s cultural and literary heritage, offering insights into its diverse society, history, and individual experiences.

2. How do Urdu novels contribute to the understanding of the Indian subcontinent’s history?

Urdu novels, like “Aag ka Darya” and “Khuda Ki Basti,” provide historical context and explore the impact of events such as the partition of India and Pakistan.

3. Are these Urdu novels available in English translations?

Yes, several of these novels have been translated into English, making them accessible to a wider audience.

4. How do these novels reflect the role of women in Pakistani society?

“Aangan” and “La Hasil” vividly portray women’s roles, challenges, and contributions in Pakistani society.

5. What makes “Raja Gidh” unique among Urdu novels?

“Raja Gidh” is celebrated for its exploration of societal divisions and human nature, using the vulture as a metaphor to delve into human desires and choices, making it thought-provoking and widely read.

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