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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Leaked Images Reveal a Major Improvements in Design

As the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S24 series approaches, Galaxy S24 Ultra Leaked Images and rumors have begun to paint a clear picture of the upcoming flagship device.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra in particular has been the focus, as the leaked images reveal its revolutionary design and outstanding features

Leaked by Twitter user David Martin and supported by renowned Samsung leaker Ice Universe, the alleged live images of the Galaxy S24 Ultra show a departure from the curved-edge design of its predecessor.

The most striking change is that they’ve adopted an almost flat display, a departure from the more curved screens seen on previous Ultra devices. The glass panel retains subtle curve at the side edges, likely from 2.5D curved glass, for a design more in line with renders previously leaked

One of the most important aspects of the leaked images is the boxy side frame of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which emphasizes sharp edges and unique design.

The camera cutout on the rear panel is revealed in a layout reminiscent of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, retaining a sense of continuity in Samsung’s design language.

The S Pen is notably quite visible, especially in the phone’s frame. It should be noted that the product’s larger height is probably due to the fact that it is a pre-production unit, and we would likely see a better finish on the final retail units.

These changes are expected to enhance the user experience, especially the S Pen’s seamless integration and functionality. The slim rear panel and screen design mark a distinct departure from its predecessor, demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to adapting to user preferences and technological advances.

Adding depth to the leaked rumors, recent reports suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra may feature a titanium frame, replacing the armored aluminum casing seen on its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 series.

Additionally, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to showcase technological advancements. Speculations suggest that the device is equipped with the all-new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, boasting generative AI capabilities in selected regions. The Exynos 2400 chip is expected to power the device in other countries.

Notably, Samsung has introduced a Gauss AI feature to Galaxy phones, which is designed to work as part of Samsung’s ChatGPT for the phones. Gauss AI is geared to provide information, summaries and presentations, and even create DALL-E-like graphics, which shows that Samsung is committed to pushing the boundaries of AI integration in smartphones.

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In conclusion, the leaked information surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra paints a striking picture of a flagship device that not only departs from traditional design trends but also features cutting-edge technology. As the official reveal approaches, tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to experience firsthand the revolutionary design and features that Samsung is set to introduce with the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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