Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Whatsapp has launched a native app for macOS with a feature of up to 32 participants group calling

Great news! WhatsApp has just launched a brand-new application specifically designed for Mac computers

This means that if you’re a Mac user, you can now join video calls with up to eight people and audio calls with up to 32 people using this native app.

Guess what? Mark Zuckerberg himself shared the exciting news about this app’s release on his Facebook account. You don’t need to wait long – you can go ahead and download this app right from WhatsApp’s own website. And if you’re used to grabbing apps from the Apple App Store, don’t worry, because the macOS version will be there soon too.

This new app for Mac has been given a fresh new look, all designed to feel comfortable and familiar to those who use Mac computers. Imagine getting more things done quickly and easily while using WhatsApp on a big screen.

You can now share files effortlessly by simply dragging and dropping them into your chats. Plus, you’ll have an expanded view of your chat history. The WhatsApp team shared all these details in a blog post.

WhatsApp has actually been testing this special Mac app for a while now. Earlier this year, they let people give it a try in a public beta, which means folks with Apple Silicon systems and macOS 11 Big Sur or newer could check it out and give feedback.

Remember when WhatsApp introduced a similar group-calling feature for Windows users? Well, they did! And now, they’re bringing a similar great experience to Mac users too.

You might remember that WhatsApp initially released desktop apps back in 2016. But since computers have evolved, they’ve given their apps a makeover.

In 2021, they started playing around with the idea of letting one WhatsApp account be connected to multiple devices. This means you can get messages on any of your four devices, even if your phone isn’t connected to the internet.

So, if you’re a Mac lover and a WhatsApp user, this new native app is here to make your chatting and calling experience even better!

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